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December 30, 2019—A few days ago, the National Finals of the “Xinchuang Cup” University Future Automobile Human-Computer Interaction Design Competition was held in Guangzhou 2019 Intelligent Networked Automobile Driving CompetitionThe scene of the 2019 Intelligent Connected Vehicle Technology Conference ended successfully. Eight teams from Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Beijing Institute of Technology, Central South University, Zhengzhou University, and Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications stepped onto the stage of the national finals and competed in the form of public defense. In the end, the DSP interaction design team of Beijing Institute of Technology won the gold medal in the finals for its interactive system designed for shared cars in the driverless era. The Silver Award was won by the TJ Night Owl team from Tongji University and the Fun-Zo team from Tsinghua University. Their works were the interactive design and implementation of the external screen of the unmanned vehicle based on the simulated driver, and the travel AR shared interactive space. The Bronze Award went to the Wild Pointer team from Tongji University, the Wushui team from Beijing Institute of Technology, and the TRL team from Central South University. mirrors and door warning system. The Lezhixing team from Zhengzhou University and the Zhimeng Technology team from Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications won the Excellence Award. Their works are the assisted driving system for multi-modal analysis of driver emotions, and the multi-modal human-vehicle interaction system based on machine learning. .

Cypress semiconductor, as one of the organizers of the competition, provided full support for the “Xinchuang Cup” Future Automobile Human-Computer Interaction Design Competition for Colleges and Universities. The competition was launched in May 2019 and lasted for more than 7 months. It has attracted more than 600 teams composed of students from various domestic colleges and universities to sign up for the competition. Many teams are cross-professional teams, and there are various types of topics. After online submission and preliminary selection of entries, finals and expert on-site debates were held in the North China Division, West China Division, and East China South Division respectively. Finally, these 8 teams were selected to participate in the finals. The process of the competition is also a process of continuous learning and improvement of the participating teams. Looking at the works of the award-winning teams, some works have carried out human-computer interaction design for the imagination of future cars, some works have applied new technologies to the human-computer interaction of cars, and some works have found that the current cars encounter pain points in the process of use Problems and attempts to solve them by improving human-computer interaction fully demonstrated the young students’ innovative way of thinking, teamwork, hard-working spirit, and ability to mobilize resources and solve problems.

Group photo of representatives of winning teams in the finals

Li Hongyan, deputy secretary-general of the Automotive Electronics Industry Alliance, the organizer of the competition, said that she was very happy to see such fruitful results in the 2019 “Xinchuang Cup” First University Future Automobile Human-Computer Interaction Design Competition. It is also of profound significance to hold the national finals of the “Xinchuang Cup” at the Guangzhou 2019 Intelligent Connected Vehicle Technology Conference. The judging panel for the finals is composed of senior experts from authoritative third-party organizations, OEMs, universities and solution providers. The participating teams and instructors are from well-known universities across the country. It is also an interpretation of the competition’s goal of “promoting collaborative innovation in the automotive industry in the intelligent era”.

Wen Junpei, Director of the Automotive Electronics Division of Cypress Semiconductor Corporation, one of the judges of the finals, said that Cypress is very pleased to cooperate with the Automotive Electronics Industry Alliance to host the first “Xinchuang Cup” University Future Auto Human-Machine Competition in 2019. Interaction Design Competition. By holding this competition, more comprehensive talents that meet the needs of the industry can be discovered and cultivated. As a leading supplier of advanced embedded system solutions, Cypress has innovative semiconductor technologies and rich application cases, which can help young students broaden their thinking and horizons and allow them to grow faster.

The “Xinchuang Cup” competition is jointly sponsored by the Automotive Electronics Industry Alliance and CCID Media, co-organized by China Computer News and Cypress Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. innovative talents to contribute to the collaborative innovation of the automobile industry in the intelligent era. The successful holding of the first “Xinchuang Cup” competition provides students with the opportunity to strengthen innovative practice. Some excellent works will have the opportunity to obtain further optimization and practice under the help and guidance of OEMs and suppliers. It has made positive contributions to promoting the cultivation of automobile human-computer interaction talents and industrial collaborative innovation.


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