Tue. May 30th, 2023

Mouser Electronics, an Electronic component distributor that focuses on introducing new products to promote industry innovation, and KEMET jointly released a new e-book, focusing on new technologies and strategies for distribution network design. This e-book is called 7 Experts on New Approaches for Power Distribution Network Design (7 Experts join forces to offer advice: new methods of distribution network design), and outstanding engineers from companies such as KEMET, Analog Devices, and Samtec discuss in the book how to deal with precision The complex issue of powering digital circuits provides insight.


As the demand for high-density computing devices continues to grow, power distribution networks (PDNs) must provide efficient and reliable power to increasingly complex circuits. As a result, engineers are employing new strategies, techniques and techniques to overcome challenges in PDN design. A new eBook from KEMET and Mouser presents insights from several of the industry’s top engineering experts, offering a variety of sources of inspiration for designers facing similar challenges.

This eBook gathers perspectives from various experts on how to effectively address the PDN design requirements of high-density equipment. The book also provides quick links and ordering information for new KEMET products suitable for PDN designs. For example, the KEMET T540 and T541 are solid electrolytic capacitors with conductive polymer cathodes and offer extremely low equivalent series resistance (ESR) and higher capacitance retention at high frequencies.

The Links:   SKM400GB12T4 BSM150GT120DN2(6)