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In June 2019, the “Shanghai Intelligent Manufacturing Action Plan (2019-2021)” was officially promulgated. The “Action Plan” proposes that by 2021, Shanghai plans to further deepen the integration of 5G, artificial intelligence, the Internet, big data and manufacturing, and build itself into a new highland for China’s smart manufacturing applications, a source of core technologies, and an output of system solutions, promoting long-term growth. Triangle intelligent manufacturing coordinated development. As the largest comprehensive economic center city in my country, Shanghai has strong industrial and technological strength, and has the greatest potential to become a global scientific and technological innovation center in the country. As my country’s economic leader, how will Shanghai start a new journey as a global technological innovation center in the future? What new contributions will it make to China’s economic upgrading and the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation?

Big names gathered, C position debut!The highlights of the 94th China Electronics Show are all included

The 94th China Electronics Show will reveal the answer for you. The 94th China Electronics Show, hosted by China Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd., will open at Shanghai New International Expo Center from October 30 to November 1. As the industry’s annual show, the 94th China Electronics Show closely follows the global trend of intelligence, the Internet of Everything and new energy, and will collaborate with more than 1,000 high-quality exhibitors, from the new electronic components, test and measurement, electronic manufacturing equipment and other product levels and intelligent Manufacturing, Internet of Things, automotive electronics and other application levels will be exhibited.

What companies and products are worth paying attention to at the exhibition?

Electronic components are in full bloom, seizing new heights in the electronic information industry

Big names gathered, C position debut!The highlights of the 94th China Electronics Show are all included

Relevant data show that the average annual growth rate of my country’s emerging electronic components market exceeds 10%, and the overall development level of the industry is relatively fast. In recent years, with the further development of emerging fields such as intelligent transportation, smart phones, and the Internet of Things, the market size of my country’s emerging electronic components has been greatly improved. As one of the advantageous exhibition areas of the 94th China Electronics Fair, the component exhibition area has attracted the active participation of many exhibitors from Shenyang Xinghua, Hengxing Electronics, Guizhou Aerospace, Bubujing Technology, Tongmao Electronics, Fujian Torch, and Zhouri Electronics. join. The exhibition site will have the opportunity to see a variety of new electronic components including chip multilayer ceramic capacitors, chip lead electrolytic capacitors, chip tantalum capacitors, chip film capacitors, chip inductors, chip Resistor, chip voltage, chip piezoelectric ceramic stool frequency device, chip piezoelectric quartz crystal device, integrated source element, high density interconnection multilayer printed circuit board (HDI), multilayer flexible board ( FPC), rigid-flex printed circuit board (R-FRC), IC package carrier board, special printed circuit board, hybrid integrated circuit, automotive sensor, environmental safety detection sensor, new voltage sensitive, thermal, gas sensitive and other sensitive elements devices, fiber optic sensors, MEMS sensors, and more.

Technology depends on China, speed depends on 5G

Big names gathered, C position debut!The highlights of the 94th China Electronics Show are all included

There is no doubt that 5G has become one of the biggest hot spots for the development of countries around the world. 5G will be an important driver of wireless technology growth. As manufacturers launch more 5G phones and major telecom companies around the world push forward with 5G deployment, 5G will grow rapidly in 2020 and enter a new stage of development. As the vane of the electronics industry, during the 94th China Electronics Show, key components and equipment were displayed focusing on 5G technology, and a number of forums and activities with the content of 5G and electronic components integration and innovation were held to help the electronic components industry grasp the development. Opportunities to achieve leapfrog development.

The history of AI evolution, from the Internet of Everything to the Intelligence of Everything

Big names gathered, C position debut!The highlights of the 94th China Electronics Show are all included

With the development of information technology, the era of intelligent connection of all things has come, and the global growth trend of the Internet of Things is obvious. According to IDC, there will be more than 30 billion connected devices in the world by 2020, and IoT Analyties predicts that the global IoT market will reach $2 trillion by 2020. Facing the rapid development of the Internet of Things industry, the 94th China Electronics Fair will join hands with industry chain partners to jointly open a new chapter in the Internet of Things exhibition area! Companies such as Huawei, ZTE, China Mobile, China Unicom, Telecom, Gosuncn, and Quectel will all appear at the 94th China Electronics Show. R&D managers and chief engineers of system integrators, operators and traditional industry equipment manufacturers in the fields of Internet of Things, industrial automation control, smart home, and smart hardware are welcome to visit the Internet of Things exhibition area, communicate and cooperate!

Automotive Electronics Welcomes New Opportunities for Technological Development

Big names gathered, C position debut!The highlights of the 94th China Electronics Show are all included

Affected by 5G and artificial intelligence, new forces, new hotspots, and new technologies in the automotive electronics industry are emerging one after another, and there is a lot of room for future growth. The automotive electronics industry is expected to be another major development opportunity at the level of the entire industry chain after home appliances, PCs and mobile phones. At present, 70% of automotive innovations come from automotive electronic products, and the cost of electronic products has increased from the 1970s. 2%, growing to about 25% now, and will continue to increase in the future. According to the “2019-2025 China Automotive Electronics Industry Market Operation and Investment Strategy Consulting Report” released by Zhiyan Consulting, the size of my country’s automotive electronics market in 2018 was more than 87 billion US dollars, or 600 billion yuan. The size of the electronics market is expected to reach the level of 100 billion US dollars, close to 700 billion yuan, and the average annual growth rate from 2018 to 2020 is about 10%. Relying on the increase in the rate of automotive electronics and the rise of new energy vehicles, an automotive electronics exhibition area will be set up during the 94th China Electronics Show. The exhibition has received Bosch Bosch, TRW, Honeywell, ROHM, Mitsubishi Electric, SAIC Group, United Automotive Electronics, 360 Group, Shanghai Advanced semiconductor, Jiejie Microelectronics, Dongguan Juwei Power, Suzhou Guoxin Technology, Black Sesame Intelligent Technology and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad are strongly supported.

During the same period of the exhibition, many summit forums gathered

As one of the largest industry exhibitions that gather domestic mainstream electronics companies, China Electronics Fair is an indispensable event for electronics industry professionals to understand the current situation and trends of the development of the electronics industry. In order to enable the majority of exhibitors and participants to conduct in-depth technical exchanges and topic discussions, a number of high-end forums and seminars covering the frontier fields of electronic information technology will be held during the exhibition. Including 5G and electronic components innovation and integration development forum, 5G intelligent terminal innovation and development forum, 5G small base station ecological development forum, 2019 China Shanghai Embedded System Security Forum, 2017 The 17th China (Shanghai) Automotive Electronics and Intelligent Networking Forum Automotive core technology summits, etc., the forum will invite top industry experts to give speeches, analyze industrial planning and market development trends in detail, and from the perspectives of national policy orientation, technical standards, commercial solutions, etc. Detailed analysis and discussion of development and other issues.

After more than decades of accumulation and development, China Electronics Fair has firmly established its position as a leading exhibition in the Asian electronics industry, and has been understood and paid attention to by more and more industry professionals! In the future, China Electronics Fair will continue to lead the industry forward, and deeply explore multiple opportunities for the coordinated development of the entire industry chain.

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