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semiconductor Industry Observation News, on January 16, 2021, the annual high-profile event for in-depth face-to-face exchanges between CEOs of Chinese chip companies and partners of top investment institutions – China Chips Annual Conference | China IC Conference was grandly held in Shanghai, the second China IC Conference The Xinchuang Annual Meeting is hosted by Moore Elite, and co-organized by Yunxiu Capital and Xinmou Research. At the meeting, Wu Hanming, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and dean of the School of Micro-Nano Electronics of Zhejiang University, delivered a speech entitled “Thinking about the Manufacturing of Integrated Circuit Chips in my country”.

  Wu Hanming, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering: my country’s opportunities in chip manufacturing

  Wu Hanming, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Dean of the School of Micro-Nano Electronics, Zhejiang University

At the meeting, Academician Wu pointed out that now is the right time to develop the semiconductor industry. In the past three months, cities such as Hefei and Shanghai have put integrated circuits at the top of the list of development proposals.

Academician Wu introduced that from the perspective of the process flow, there are three stages in the manufacture of integrated circuits. In the first stage, sand is extracted and turned into a single wafer through high temperature; in the second stage, thousands of designed transistors are put on silicon, which is the front process of chip manufacturing, which is the core of the entire chip manufacturing. . The third stage is the back-end encapsulation and so on. Among these three stages, the cost of the first stage is very low, the relative cost is about 1%, and the second stage accounts for 80%. And packaging accounts for about 19%. Academician Wu said that it can be seen from the financial investment that the development and investment intensity of the front-end technology is very high.

  Wu Hanming, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering: my country’s opportunities in chip manufacturing

From the perspective of the ecological chain, the integrated circuit is divided into four parts: the material part, the design part, the manufacturing part and the equipment part. Academician Wu pointed out that among the four parts, my country’s materials and equipment are still at a relatively weak stage. In terms of manufacturing, SMIC, as a leading enterprise in my country, has played a certain role in the development of domestic technology. Academician Wu further said that in chip manufacturing, the lithography machine is the most difficult part, but the development of technology cannot rely on the lithography machine alone, there are many comprehensive factors.

Judging from the development history of the entire chip technology, in the past 20 years, among the seven technologies that have successfully crossed over, each generation has a series of core technologies that need to be broken through. It can be summarized into three bottlenecks: the first type of material bottleneck, the second type of device architecture change, and the third type of lithography limit technology breakthroughs. These breakthroughs have enabled Moore’s Law to develop smoothly in the past 20 years, and many of these key breakthroughs are The results are obtained from basic research, so basic research is very important to support the industry.

Where are the opportunities for our country? Academician Wu pointed out that at present, the global situation is changing rapidly, which can be said to be a major change unseen in a century.

First of all, a single advanced R&D process will become more and more difficult, so we must have some characteristic processes, including new architectures and so on.

Secondly, under the current international situation of unpredictable security, the significance of making 55-nanometer products with basically independent and controllable equipment as the main body is far greater than using all imported equipment as products.

Wu Hanming, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering: my country’s opportunities in chip manufacturing

Second, Moore’s Law is slowing down. At present, the annual performance improvement of chips has become saturated, which also gives chasers an opportunity to develop as fast as before.

Looking at last year’s sales data, last year’s global chip manufacturing capacity share of various technology nodes, advanced capacity below 10nm technology node only had a 17% share, while 83% of the market share was at nodes above 10nm, relatively mature special processes , market space, innovation space is still huge, there are many opportunities, it is an opportunity for our chip manufacturing industry in China.

Academician Wu emphasized that there are some things to pay attention to when doing technology research and development:

  First of all, technology research and development must be led by the industry. Never make an enterprise a research enterprise. It is a big misunderstanding that there is no industrial support for new technologies alone.

Secondly, we can explore a new way of building a new engineering discipline in integrated circuits, a new introduction, assessment, promotion system, a complete system featuring the integration of production and education, and a new way of talent training to develop international methods that are different from traditional engineering colleges.

In addition, the domestic industrial chain should have a support to provide a complete set of process verification for upstream and downstream enterprises (materials, equipment, chip design, special process chips).


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