Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

In the early morning of June 8, Apple launched a new generation of operating systems, iOS 15 and MacOS, and regarded multi-screen interaction as an important technological innovation of MacOS. Netizens questioned that Apple copied the Hongmeng system released by Huawei earlier. In fact, since Cook served as Apple Since the CEO, Apple’s operating system has stopped sticking to its own unique style and has begun to move closer to Android.

After copying Android and Hongmeng, the maverick Apple is gone!

In the era of Steve Jobs, Apple insisted on being independent in everything he did, and as consumers increasingly accepted large-screen mobile phones, Steve Jobs insisted on only pushing the 3.5-inch iPhone. Although he was repeatedly complained by consumers, the uniqueness of the iPhone still gained consumers the approval of the person.

But Cook quickly changed Apple’s style after he took over as CEO. The iPhone’s screen expanded rapidly. Today, the iPhone’s screen size is all large, no different from Android, and iOS, one of Apple’s core technologies, has also changed its style rapidly.

The iOS system in the Jobs era insisted on quasi-materialization. After Cook became CEO, he gave up the quasi-materialization style and learned the flattening of Android. Since then, the iOS system has become more and more similar to the Android system. The way of calling out and operating is very similar to Android, which highlights that Cook’s business style is very different from Jobs.

After copying Android and Hongmeng, the maverick Apple is gone!

Now that the Hongmeng system released by Huawei supports multi-screen interactive technology, Apple’s MacOS has begun to learn Hongmeng’s multi-screen interactive technology, and even the name of HomeOS released by Apple is similar to Hongmeng, but from the press conference, you can see the multi-screen of MacOS. The interaction is obviously not as good as that of Hongmeng, mainly because Huawei has developed multi-screen interactive technology for many years, while Apple has just begun to develop.

After copying Android and Hongmeng, the maverick Apple is gone!

This management style of Cook is related to his attitude of seeking stability. Apple has developed into a large company with a market value of more than 2 trillion US dollars, becoming the first company in history with a market value of more than 2 trillion US dollars, and its market value has exceeded 187 in the world. The GDP of a country, as a huge enterprise, seeks stability instead of taking risks.

In this way, Apple’s approach is no longer to adopt the most advanced technology, but to wait for the technology to mature, and then pick rich fruits when the technology is mature enough to obtain the greatest benefits.

Although Apple is no longer prioritizing the adoption of more advanced technology, its leadership in the smartphone market can still ensure that latecomers catch up. The full-screen technology is the first to be adopted by Android mobile phone companies. It has developed for many generations from Liu Haiping to the current real full-screen Display. Apple still uses Liu Haiping, but it is still welcomed by most high-end consumers around the world, which proves that it is in the smart world. leadership in the mobile phone market.

Today, Apple’s MacOS adopts multi-screen interactive technology, which shows that this technology is gradually mature and will become a trend of technology, which proves that the Hongmeng system developed by Huawei does have its unique leadership. In fact, Huawei’s Hongmeng system supports devices from multiple industries. It has always been the goal pursued by Apple and Google. Their recognition of Huawei may help the success of the Hongmeng system and form the world’s three major operating systems.

After copying Android and Hongmeng, the maverick Apple is gone!

Apple’s strong influence on the market also reminds Google and Huawei to be careful not to rely on their own market leadership to hinder their development, and to avoid a situation where Apple hinders their progress, which is exactly what Chinese companies like to talk about going the way of others. He can go five ways.

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