Thu. Aug 18th, 2022

While the future of autonomous vehicles (AVs) has been debated in recent years, Intel subsidiary Mobileye’s vision for the future has remained consistent. Whether it’s early self-driving car safety standard development, or cameras that enable self-driving cars, Mobileye remains a leader in the self-driving revolution and will deliver significant and lasting revenue growth over the next decade. At CES 2020, Mobileye announced the latest business developments and multiple collaborations in the areas of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous mobility as a service (MaaS). Currently, Mobileye’s development strategy is helping it expand its global ambitions and stride forward towards its goal of being a mobility service provider.

Intel subsidiary Mobileye is expected to be the leader in the autonomous driving industry (Ars Technica): “Mobileye has neither the star power of Elon Musk nor the ‘rich family’ like Google. But Mobileye CEO Amnon Shashua pointed out at this year’s CES The more important weapon in the hands of Mobileye is its dominance in the advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) market, and this strategic advantage is also evident from his description.”

Why Intel’s fastest-growing business unit, Mobileye, is betting big on autonomous taxis (Robotaxi) (ZDNet): “Two years after Intel’s $15 billion acquisition of autonomous vehicle technology maker Mobileye, Intel’s self-driving car business is doing well, far Exceeded expectations. Next, Mobileye will expand its business further by aggressively entering the field of self-driving taxis and data monetization.”

Self-driving supplier Mobileye has answers on the timetable, cost and regulation of self-driving cars (CNBC): “Shashua believes that the more self-driving cars on the road in the future, the safer the roads will be because the automatic Driving a car will be more like an ‘old driver’ than a human driver. He pointed out that the cost of autonomous driving is actually almost the same as our investment in public transportation. When autonomous driving is fully implemented, our understanding of transportation will be There will be huge changes.”

Mobileye wins a new order in South Korea, expanding the global footprint of autonomous taxis again (TechCrunch): “Mobileye announced a partnership with Daegu, South Korea, to test and eventually deploy autonomous taxi services in the city. Currently, Mobileye’s strategy has gone far It goes well beyond providing automakers with computer vision technology to support ADAS development.”

Unlike others, Mobileye’s CEO emphasized that the company has put more emphasis on self-driving car cameras than lidar (Bloomberg): “I think there are two revolutions in autonomous driving. The first revolution is saving lives, which is The greater the proportion of self-driving cars on the road, the safer our travel environment will be; the second revolution is the transportation revolution, making travel better at prices comparable to public transportation.”

Intel subsidiary Mobileye achieves autonomous driving using pure vision solution (Reuters): “Intel Corporation released a video showing its subsidiary Mobileye’s autonomous vehicle driving through the streets of Jerusalem, guided by 12 onboard cameras. About 20 minutes. Unlike before, this car has no sensors other than cameras.”

Watch how Mobileye’s self-driving car traverses the streets of Jerusalem using only cameras (The Verge): “At CES in Las Vegas, Mobileye demonstrated a self-driving car that navigates the intricate streets of Jerusalem with ease , the car is self-driving only with the help of cameras.”

“Vidar” (Axios): “This week, Mobileye CEO Amnon Shashua introduced ‘Vidar’ to fans at CES. It is understood that ‘Vidar’ is a computer vision system that The system can realize the function of lidar with only the camera.

Intel is increasingly bullish on the future of autonomous driving (Automotive News): “The company is making strides in autonomous and assisted driving technology with a unique approach to development.”

Intel CFO on AMD Threat, Chip Profits, and the Future of AI (Barron’s): “Mobileye…has both great hardware technology and great software. We’re ramping up our investments, and they’re paying off in a short amount of time.” Mobileye’s returns are excellent, both in the short-term and in the long-term,” said George Davis, Intel’s chief information officer, “in terms of the number of orders in L2 and L3 autonomous Mobileye is the clear global leader.”

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